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Buenos Aires, July 2020

Continuing with our update of the Argentina 2020 bean harvest, this camera reports that to date almost 100% of the colored beans have been harvested.

In general terms, it is observed that the different periods of pronounced drought, depending on the area and condition, strongly marked the performance and sizes, compared to the usual of our production.

In the case of Cranberries, well below average yields were observed, which will affect a significant reduction in the usual volume offered by our country, and the sizes, due to direct action of drought events, have also been below the average, observing calibres of between 220 and 330 grains per 100 grams, depending on area and climatic conditions. Today there are practically no batches of this variety left.

With respect to Red Beans (Dark Red Beans), the average decrease in yields, against other years, is approximately 30%, and the vast majority of the merchandise harvested is between calibers of 260 to 320 grains per 100 grams. Optimal qualities, and with a very good reaction to hydration and cooking, being totally suitable for the canning industry, its main market.

In the case of red beans (Light Red Beans), the decrease in yields observed is even greater, with very few availabilities of merchandise of this variety and in sizes that, in some cases, exceed 300 grains per 100 grams.

In both cases of red beans, and due to the scarce availability of merchandise, there are practically no more exportable balances.

With respect to black beans, in addition to the drought that affected most of the production areas, repeated frost events occurred, which implied below-average yields and smaller sizes than Argentina normally produces, where the usual offers were merchandise on a 4 mm shaker, this year being the generality of the offer, merchandise on a 3.5 mm shaker and even less. Visibly lower final harvest numbers are also expected than originally estimated.

The harvest of beans Beans evolved in a different way, depending on the area and date of planting, but, to date, with approximately 80% of the harvested area, there is a constant loss of yield of between 20% and 30%, compared to a normal harvest, estimating an average of approximately 1,000 kgs / ha of natural beans, with small sizes. The general average of harvest sizes is 220-230 / 100, and practically no larger sizes are observed at these sizes.

The qualities, in all cases, are optimal, with a very good grain formation, color, hydration and cooking consistency, which will be a fundamental element in the commercialization of a harvest that will have an exportable balance of between 40,000 and 50,000 tons. less than last year.

Knowing that there is a significant percentage of the 2020 vintage already marketed, basically operated in sizes 185-190 / 100, which are not the ones that are actually being harvested, but the wide receptivity that buyers are having is also known, perfectly understanding the force majeure situation, accepting the new reality and complying with contracts with lower sizes, replacing those previously contracted, since the harvest FAQ is determining that practically the entire harvest is 220-230 grains per 100 grams, instead of the usual one 185-190 / 100.

In a few more days, we will have the end of the harvest, with which we will send a new and definitive evaluation of the situation.

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