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Pulses of Argentina

Legumes industry

  • In 2014, global imports of pulses were more than 11 million tons. This means 23% more in volumes selled than five years ago, when the world purchases of the sector totaled 9 million tons. The main importer was India, acquiring almost a third of the total volume (28%), followed by Bangladesh (8%), China (7%) and Egypt (5%).
  • The imported volume of beans during the year reached 1.7 million tons. The main buyer in the world was Brazil, with 135 thousand tons, registering a fall in the quantities acquired during the 2010-2014period of 25%.
  • Global imports of Peas in 2014 exceeded 5 million tons in 2014. With more than a third part of the total purchased, India was the main importer.
  • Global imports of Chickpeas exceeded 1.3 million tons in 2014, while Lentils imports reached 3 million tons. The main buyer for both products was India.

Productive regions


Centro (Buenos Aires, centro-sur de Santa Fe y Córdoba)


Centro (Córdoba y Buenos Aires) NOA (Tucumán, Salta)


Centro (Buenos Aires, Centro sur de Santa Fe y Córdoba)


NOA (Salta, Jujuy, Tucumán, Santiago del Estero, norte de Santa Fe)